Saturday, March 24, 2012

When I watch a movie

     It ain't often that I go watch a movie.  It's just not something I like to do often.  But, when I do, I go to see the movie and come out remembering the story.  I don't care anything about the credits.  I won't be talking about the special effects.  I make no effort to remember who the actors and actresses were.

     The only times I care who the actors and actresses are are when I've seen particular actors / actresses so often that I'm bored seeing them and will avoid going to movie in which they appear.  I remember avoiding all movies with Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise in them.  I was simply tired of seeing their faces everywhere.

     I don't keep up wth entertainers.  Though my own drama might be boring to most people, it's enough to keep me pleasantly engaged and busy enough for my own satisfaction.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I ain't never been a womanizer

     I ain't never been a womanizer.  I ain't never gonna be one.  I like (always have liked, always will like) men, not boys, not all men, but the men I like.  At some I like looking (eye candy).  With others I like working out.  With some, I enjoy chatting and/or exchanging comments here and there on the web.  With others, I enjoy in person conversations.  With some, I enjoy doing just about anything.  With others, I've enjoyed some very happy moments.  With some, only in my dreams.

Works for me!

Extremes and In Between

     I'm a little interested in just about everything:  the extreme and in between, republicans and democrats, liberals and conservatives, g-rated and x-rated, Christianity and Atheism, hot and cold, near and far, raw and cooked, fresh and spoiled, country and rock-n-roll.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Usually, I'll have my coffee black

     I like my coffee black and without cream and sugar.  I like it fresh brewed and served in a ceramic mug.  I don't like it too hot to drink, but neither do I like it cold, unless it is served over ice in a glass like I ordered it.  I definitely don't like it old.  With it, I like a dark chocolate brownie.  The darker the chocolate the better.  Occasionally, I like to eat ice cream before I drink coffee.  Once in awhile, I'll go for a specialty coffee beverage that is sweet, creamy, and flavored with something yummy -- like a Caramel Machiado (did I spell that right?).