Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 I expect no one to love / hate what I love / hate.  I hope everyone enjoys his / her own life and avoids interfering with anyone else who wants to do likewise.

i love fresh black coffee
i love ice cream
i hate cigarette smoke
i hate cigarette breath
i hate drunken breath
i love dark chocolate
i love sunshine
i love sunrises
i love sunsets
i hate football
i hate basketball
i love bowling
i love working out
i love long hot (not too hot) showers
i love sweet smelling shampoo
i hate "friend requests" that amount to little more than another name on another list
i love the smell of cold beer
i love the smell of cold wine
i love strong cheddar cheese
i love monterey jack cheese
i love almonds
i love pecans
i love walnuts
i love pine nuts
i love pumpkin seeds
i love milk
i love riding a train
i love letting someone else do the driving
i hate uninvited lectures
i hate child abuse
i hate homophobia
i hate profanity (even when I use it)
i love kindness
i hate prejudice (even when it's my own)
i hate trashy porn
i love looking at pictures of men that suit my tastes in men
i love looking at sexual situations that suit my tastes in sexual situations
i love being in sexual situations that suit my tastes in sexual situations
i love horseback riding
i love animals with fur
i love animals with feathers
i hate snakes
i love ladybugs
i hate spiders
i hate bees
i love flowers
i hate thorns
i love beaches
i love mountains
i hate deceit
i hate lies
i love truth
i hate body fat (even when it's my own)
i love eggs cooked almost any style
i love beef
i love chicken
i love pork
i love vegetables
i love fruits
i love whole grains
i love old fashioned oatmeal
i love making bread
i love cooking for myself and my guest/s
i love swimming for leisure
i love live performances
i hate watching TV
i hate that gay marriage is not yet legalized in so many places
i love that gay marriage is legalized in some places
i love lectures full of intelligence that I can work with and that contain stuff I didn't know before
i hate when people say "I'll do ____," but they quit in midstream.
i hate when people ask for my phone number, but never call or text
i hate when people say they want to be friends, but they never have time for anything
i love random acts of kindness
i hate death
i love life
i love dark chocolate brownies
i hate shrimp
i hate cold rain
i hate violence
i love being Christian
i love my Budhist friends
i love my atheist friends
i love dark hues
i love watching fire
i hate suffering
i love happiness
i love that cleansing feeling I feel from a good cry
i love laughter (when no one is getting hurt because of it)
i love benevolence
i hate malice

* I might add more to this list